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17th Annual American Asphalt Seminar -Great Success


Word is out — Keep a close eye on your pavement!

Restore, Maintain and Repair are the themes at

American Asphalt’s 17th Annual Asphalt Seminar. Over 100 guests heard from Jeff Stokes, an industry expert, on the value of taking preventive measures to reduce maintenance costs significantly.

Sealcoating, for example, can save real dollars. Estimated savings for a 10,000 square yard asphalt pavement are in the thousands dollars over the lifespan of a road or parking lot.

Unsealed pavements require maintenance the second year and should be inspected every year for wear.

Sealcoating can cut costs almost two-thirds if the surface is maintained regularly.

Jeff also emphasized maintaining a long-term relationship with a reputable pavement provider such as American Asphalt. If a contractor is experienced and knowledgeable about your particular needs, over time, savings can be significant. The crowd really enjoyed the live demo portion of the program. One guest remarked after seeing the demo that “asphalt repair is no longer rocket science to him. It”s is a combination of rocks and science”