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Laying asphalt is sticky and tricky

Let’s be straight. Laying asphalt is hot, dirty, smelly work. Yet, many people stick around American Asphalt like, well, hot asphalt to the bottom of a steel-toed boot. The reason? We hire great people, who love what they do. We train them, provide opportunities for advancement, and reward well for a job done properly. We take pride in our people who take pride in their work.

Allan Henderson
Office: 510-723-0280
Years at American: Since 1985

“When I started American Asphalt over 30 years ago, we had one truck and a couple of guys doing driveways. I told them then if we were to succeed, we would need great employees who gave exceptional service and completed every job perfectly.

To this day, my employees are my greatest assets. Despite the challenges in the economy I’m proud to have kept everyone working. They continue to do quality work and still give exceptional service, all 160 of them! I tell my people, If you take care of the company, the company will take care of you. That’s why a lot of key employees have been with me over 10-20 years. That’s dedication. It’s what American Asphalt is all about. If you have any questions about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I will make sure you get the kind of service AA is known for.”


Shel Waggener
Office: 510-723-0280
Years at American: Since 2018

*Picture and Bio coming soon


Steve AguirreSteve Aguirre
Vice President
Office: 510-723-0280
Years at American: Since 1997

“It has been exciting to see this organization double in size both in terms of its revenue, but also in staff. This growth has been fueled by a commitment across the board to continuous improvement. New benchmarks are being set for upgrading processes, utilizing equipment and safety for our employees. The best thing about working here is the individual growth opportunities in a team oriented environment.”


Dale Kunz
Chief Estimator
Cell: 650-333-3341

Years at American: Since 1998

“The best part of my job is working with the other estimators to design the best solution to complex issues. Out there now is a lot of delayed maintenance due to the economy. This creates challenges. Money is tight, but investments need to be kept up. My job is to find the most cost-effective resolution. For the PG&E Solar Panel project we had to create a surface that was virtually maintenance free. Once the solar panels were installed, there was no way to go back. The work we do at the Chevron Refinery requires exacting standards as well. This is what makes my work both challenging and exciting.”


Jackie BuckleyJackie Buckley
Job Cost Coordinator
Office: 510-723-0280
Years at American: Since 1995

“I enjoy the work hard, play hard philosophy at American Asphalt. The loyalty and pride of all the employees are demonstrated in the family atmosphere and opportunities for personal and professional growth. American Asphalt is a great company with super people.”


Pat MillsPat Mills
Dispatcher/Production Assistant
Office: 510-723-0280
Years at American: Since 1996

“I prepare work orders for the field crews and order materials for scheduled jobs. Besides that, I also assist communications between the field, material suppliers and superintendents. My job is to make sure everybody has what they need when they need it. I’ve worked for American Asphalt for almost 15 years, and yet the best part of my job is that I’m still learning something new about the paving process all the time.

I love working at American Asphalt.  There’s an atmosphere where all of us strive to give our customers the best quality work and service that a company can provide. That philosophy just makes you want to always do your best.”



Jeannie Nyberg 
Director of Marketing
Cell: 510-376-0140
Years at American: Since 2013

“I’m excited to be joining the American Asphalt team. I’ll be coordinating all marketing materials and events. Plus, I’m looking forward to meeting clients and being a part of the networking events put on by the industry associations American Asphalt teams up with.

 One thing that impresses me is American Asphalt’s long term dedication to customers. They work hard to educate the public, offering things like the annual Pavement Seminar. Our outreach ensures everyone can make cost-effective and long-lasting decisions for their properties.”