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Commercial Parking Lot Paving in Walnut Creek

parking lot repair

When you need commercial parking lot paving at your Walnut Creek business, don’t trust it to an unknown contractor. Your parking lot is the first impression visitors get of your business, showcasing your commitment to cleanliness and quality. Ensure a beautifully paved lot that positively reflects your business with the trusted services of American Asphalt.

For 35 years, we’ve remained a leading provider of commercial parking lot paving services in the Bay Area. Our stellar work has earned our business many Top Contractor Awards from Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, including our most recent 2019 achievements in paving, sealcoating, and striping. 

Our in-house team has the industry experience to perform the highest quality paving services available. Whether you need to add a new parking area or repave an existing lot, our crew will deliver the strict attention to detail you expect, ensuring lasting results while finishing the parking lot of your Walnut Creek business on-time and on-budget.

We Offer an Extensive Lineup of Parking Lot Paving Services

  • Pavement evaluations
    • Our estimating crew is quick to respond, inspecting your site to determine the condition of each layer of your ground and asphalt, ensuring long-term structural integrity and a lasting lot.
  • Safe, professional parking lot excavation
    • Our skillful crew will prep the grounds of your Walnut Creek property for new pavement or repaving using the latest technology equipment. Our streamlined process minimizes disruptions, ensuring rapid results and the safety of your customers.
  • Thorough, lasting parking lot repairs
    • The deterioration of subbase layers by water and debris infiltration through cracks and holes can shorten pavement life. Timely repairs with our crack filling and full-depth asphalt repair services prevents small problems from growing into larger, costlier ones.
  • Detailed parking lot paving in Walnut Creek
    • You can trust the American Asphalt team to provide smooth, strong, professionally finished results, including hand-tamped edging for lasting performance and value. Our in-house team performs all concrete work, never delegating to contractors.
  • Slurry surfacing and sealcoating for added protection
    • Protect your new pavement against weather, water, erosion, or oxidation with sealcoating or a long-wearing slurry seal.
  • Curbing, dividers, walkways, and gutters for enhanced performance
    • Improve traffic flow and parking lot function and safety with strategically placed curbing, dividers, sidewalks, and gutters.
  • ADA compliant striping
    • Our cutting-edge equipment ensures clear, precise striping, scheduled when disruptions to your business are minimal.

Protect your investment and ensure a commercial parking lot installation that will last your business for years to come. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 to schedule an estimate for commercial parking lot paving in Walnut Creek today.