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Concrete Repairs Company – San Jose

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Concrete surfaces in industrial and commercial environments wear down over time, suffering from mechanical abuse, exposure to the elements, and degradation of concrete sublayers from drainage issues. Poor construction can speed breakdown, quickly leading to the need for extensive repairs. Fortunately, if you address your San Jose concrete repair needs quickly with the help of your local concrete repair company, most surfaces can be saved.

Avoid Replacement with Our Fast Concrete Repair Services

American Asphalt offers complete concrete repair services for San Jose commercial businesses and residential communities. We have the skills and equipment to manage all your concrete repair needs, from minor cracks to full depth pothole repairs. Our experienced in-house team can:

Smooth out sidewalks
Beautiful sidewalks reflect positively on your community or business and prevent falls and injuries. Whether your sidewalks are damaged from automobile abuse, fractured with age, sunken or uneven from settling, or pushed up by tree roots, we can help. Our skilled crew can smooth and level your sidewalks, returning your San Jose grounds to picture-perfect condition.

Level wobbly walkways
Uneven, damaged walkways, ramps, and stairs are a danger to those using them and a liability to your business. We have extensive experience repairing all types of concrete structures and a proven process to ensure flawless repair results.

Mend deteriorating driveways
Large trucks, heavy-duty equipment such as forklifts, and frequent traffic can take a heavy toll on concrete driveways, leading to substantial damage. Our professional paving crew has the skills to restore even the most damaged driveways with minimal disruption to traffic flow. We also offer resurfacing and specialty concrete finishes to extend the life of your pavement.

Patch up parking areas
Our concrete repair company offers proven solutions to extend the lifespan of your parking lot. Using the best equipment and high-grade materials, we can quickly manage your resurfacing, crack, pothole, and curb repair needs. We will get your parking lot back up and running fast, complete with bright, crisp ADA compliant striping.

Deal with drainage
Nothing destroys paved surfaces faster than water damage. Dealing with drainage issues sooner, rather than later, will prevent the deterioration of sub-base layers by water and contaminants. Let us assess your pavement now, repairing curbing, making slope adjustments, or incorporating additional drainage to avoid costly replacement.

Bandage broken barriers
We can repair or replace broken perimeter curbing, wheel stop barriers, and more, keeping pedestrians and vehicles where they should be and ensuring your property is safe from encroaching traffic.

Affordable, Lasting Concrete Repairs in San Jose

American Asphalt is trusted by local public works, schools, and large property owners in San Jose and across Northern California. Our in-house team takes pride in their work. We can address cracks, dips, and potholes quickly, working with you to ensure minimal disruption. We stand behind our workmanship, offering an unprecedented extended 3-year warranty on new installations.

Tackle your repair and maintenance needs fast with the help of the best concrete repair company in San Jose. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 to learn more about our customized maintenance plans today.