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Hayward Paving Contractors

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Whether you are adding a short walkway or large parking lot, you want lasting, beautifully finished results. Choosing trained, experienced Hayward paving contractors is crucial to ensuring satisfaction and protecting your concrete and asphalt investment. At American Asphalt, our skilled and knowledgeable in-house team performs all the work, never delegating to subcontractors. Our paving professionals understand that good paving is more than superficial, it starts from the ground up, whether you need new surfaces or are repairing or resurfacing your existing pavement.

The American Asphalt crew has the experience to deliver the highest quality paving services in the industry. We have been providing our award-winning services to commercial properties, industrial complexes, residential communities, shopping centers, and public works across the Bay Area since 1984. Our team has earned the Top Contractor Award by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction for many years in a row, including our most recent 2019 awards for paving, sealcoating, and striping.  

Our Hayward Paving Team Delivers Lasting, Beautiful Results

Don’t entrust the paving needs of your Hayward business to an unknown contractor. Our paving professionals attend to every service with the attention to detail and commitment to quality you expect:

  • Timely estimates
    Our timely, in-depth pavement evaluations ensure a thorough understanding of the condition of your ground and existing asphalt, so you can rest assured in the long-term structural integrity of our work.
  • Easier excavation of your Hayward grounds
    Our streamlined excavation and installation process minimizes disruptions to your Hayward business. With thoughtful scheduling, the latest equipment, and our experienced crew, you can count on minimal disruptions, the safety of your customers, and promptly finished results. 
  • Paving and concrete repair in Hayward
    American Asphalt offers a variety of services to extend the life of your pavement, including sealcoating and slurry seals to guard against water, erosion, oxidation, and weather, and extensive crack and pothole repair services. Our finished results are smooth and strong, from the top to the deepest sublayer, ensuring lasting performance and value.
  • New additions
    Improve the performance of your grounds with strategically integrated dividers, curbing, walkways, and gutters.
  • ADA compliant striping and markings
    Eliminate compliance anxieties with our trusted striping services, clearly marking parking and access points for easier identification by the disabled.

Ensure beautiful finished results and a project that finishes on-time and on-budget with our skilled Hayward paving contractors. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 for an estimate on your upcoming project today.