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In-N-Out Burger Just Got Easier

You can add In-N-Out Burger to American Asphalt’s paving menu. Not only will the crew be relishing the famous fare, they’ll be paving many of the new locations under construction in the bay area as well.

“New construction projects are our specialty.” said Dale Kunz, Chief Estimator for American. “Each location is different and requires unique expertise to ensure the best long-term surface performance. Not only do you need to plan for high volumes of traffic, you also need to consider traffic patterns for both cars and pedestrians for the entire location. Impact from water, drainage and landscape design needs to be thought through along with the latest ADA compliance requirements. This attention to detail is part of every American Asphalt project. We’re thrilled that In-N-Out Burger selected us as their partner.”

As with all of its jobs, American provides detailed site maps integrated into Google Maps. This extra step guarantees that teams are always on the same page when it comes to planning and execution. For more on how American Asphalt uses innovation to make every job its best job contact Dale Kunz at or call him at 800-541-5559.