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Every job begins with a detailed proposal

Every American Asphalt job begins with a detailed proposal written in clear, straightforward terms. We ensure our customers and project managers are familiar with their project, our timelines, schedules and job specifications. Customers know exactly what we intend to do, the order we’ll do it in, and the materials we’ll use to complete the job to their satisfaction. Here’s a step-by -step walk through of a typical proposal process

Schedule an estimate

  • Our customer service staff will have an estimator contact you immediately.
  • We’ll set up an appointment to meet with you or simply go straight to your project site.

Evaluate the site

  • On the site, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your asphalt. We’ll perform a complete visual inspection of the job site. We’ll look for previous repairs and maintenance history, traffic patterns, over-irrigation and water run-off systems. We’ll note pavement stress due to heavy trucks.
  • Based on our evaluation, we’ll conduct an interview to get on-sight management’s input as to pavement use and requirements. This teamwork provides solid background information for a thorough pavement analysis.

Submit a proposal

  • We deliver a detailed proposal identifying each repair or maintenance procedure recommended, and pricing for each action item.
  • We’ll include specifications, product literature and a detailed job sheet outlining how American Asphalt will ensure you get the best product and procedure for your money.
  • Depending on the complexity of the job, we will also include a site map, color-coded to represent each of the repairs and locations. This makes it easy to identify and stage the work to be done.

Review the proposal

  • Before we begin, we schedule a review of the proposal. We go over the entire project with our estimator. We make sure all your questions and concerns have been answered. Finally we confirm that the project plan meets your operating needs.

Schedule the project

  • Once the proposal is approved, we schedule your project for rapid turnaround.