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Good parking lots attract tenants

American Asphalt paves and repairs parking lots, stadiums, office complexes, hospitals, high-tech campuses, industrial parks and private businesses. Asphalt repair and paving is what we do.

Commercial parking lots are critical in your ability to attract and retain tenants. Our experience ensures repair and resurfacing that succeeds long before the first load of asphalt arrives. We assess each property’s ability to handle excessive weight from commercial trucks, fluctuations of traffic during peak and off hours, the need for thicker sections of pavement, confined work zones, and special needs of major tenants.

commercial paving for office complexes

Commercial Offices

commercial paving at the Facebook campus in Menlo Park


Our construction superintendent works closely with building managers to schedule working hours that minimize disruptions, notify tenants and plan for alternate parking. We will maintain traffic flow and safety with professional traffic control and flagmen. Thirty days from the completion of a job, we walk through your project site to ensure all details are signed off to satisfaction. Asphalt paving and repair is what we do.

Our goal: a long-term, cost-effective solution that meets your parking needs.

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