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Best Commercial Driveway Contractors in San Jose

commercial driveway paving

An integral feature of beautiful grounds, the state of your paving is key to attracting customers and retaining tenants in the booming and competitive San Jose region, which continues to attract major players in the tech and corporate industries. Employing the best commercial driveway contractors in San Jose, the American Asphalt team can help you put your best foot forward, whether you need a new installation, redesign, routine maintenance, or extensive repairs.

Minimal Disruptions, Maximum Satisfaction

Our trained crew has the skills and experience to tackle the paving needs of even the busiest business grounds. Our pre-job planning process ensures minimal disruptions and impeccable finished results. Working closely with you and your tenants, our team will devise a work plan that maintains traffic flow and parking through the completion of the paving process.

We rise above the competition, with a trusted, reliable in-house team, rather than using subcontractors. This guarantees a smooth process and timely, beautifully finished results. At job completion, we won’t leave without your written approval, backing the quality of our work with an industry-leading 3-year warranty, a full two years longer than the competition.

How Can the American Asphalt Team Serve You?

  • Evaluation and design
    Whether you need to repair and update your existing driveway and parking area or are starting from scratch, we can help you devise solutions for even the most complex roadway and parking situations. Our thorough understanding of structural design can help you avoid potential pitfalls in drainage and traffic flow that can affect the longevity of your design and the safety of customers.
  • Drainage solutions
    Our thorough understanding of structural design can help you avoid potential pitfalls in drainage and water flow that can affect the longevity of your pavement and the safety of your customers.
  • Crack, rut, and pothole repair
    Cracks, ruts, and potholes give a negative impression of your business. Addressing these issues promptly prevents small problems from growing into larger ones, guarding against premature wear, and protecting your image.
  • Curbing and walkways
    Improve the performance of your driveway or parking area with strategically positioned curbing and walkway solutions, improving pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow and safety.
  • ADA compliant striping
    Ensure proper traffic flow and maximize parking with our clear, bright striping and ADA compliant signage.
  • Sealing and maintenance

Our maintenance and sealing services help you extend the life of your commercial driveway and parking lot, keeping it looking new, protecting your investment, and ensuring long-term performance.

Attract tenants and increase competition for your space with the help of the best commercial driveway contractors in San Jose. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 and learn more about how to improve the design of your driveway and maximize parking today.