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Allan Henderson on the Benefits of Petromat

Moisture that infiltrates your pavement will quickly cause it to weaken, from the bottom up. By the time you see your pavement cracking, it may be too late. Petromat overlays can fix that problem, minimizing surface water infiltration by providing a water barrier between layers of pavement.

Petromat overlays extend the life of new asphalt concrete pavements and overlays. The petromat system consists of a non—woven polypropylene fabric which is field saturated with asphalt cement tack coat. When placed between pavement layers, the petromat system becomes an integral part of the roadway/pavement section, forming a barrier to water and absorbing stresses to reduce reflective and fatigue cracking of the new surface area.


Asphalt Petromat Overlay: Here’s how we roll

The surface to receive the fabric is cleaned of dirt, water and debris in accordance with the manufacture’s specs. We then apply liquid asphalt binder. Finally the fabric is placed avoiding wrinkles, and allowing for a 1 to 3 inch overlap.

Asphalt concrete is installed in a single lift with a self-propelled paver. Edges are tapered to the adjoining surface or contoured to meet a machine-milled edge. All drains, utility covers, monuments and manhole covers are raised as noted, or tapered to their existing grade.

American Asphalt will furnish equipment capable of producing the required compaction of 93%. The completed surface will be smooth, dense, well bonded, and of uniform texture and appearance.

American Asphalt will provide sufficient cones, barricades and other devices to guide traffic, to protect the public and ensure a safe work zone.

dig out and repair of road and driveway
road overlay process
Full 4″ Dig—out Repairs
Typical Overlay


Asphalt concrete will comply with all the requirements specified in Section 39 of the California State Standard Specifications. The grade of asphalt to be used will be AR4000 viscosity graded asphalt type A or B, 1/2 inch maximum medium gradation, unless otherwise specified.

petromat overlay material
full width paving of road
Petromat Fabric
Full Width Paving